SuperLab and Medoc Pathway

Hi All,

Does anyone have any experience in using Superlab and the Medoc PATHWAY Sensory Evaluation System concurrently? I am trying to find out information about getting the two systems to ‘talk’ to each other for one of my experiments.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!


I am not familiar with Medoc, but generally, SuperLab supports output via an I/O card (parallel TTL lines) or serial port. The rest depends on what type of input Medoc can accept and making the right cable.

Hi Hisham,

Thanks for your reply. The Medoc PATHWAY device has the capacity for parallel interfacing by the use of external 8-bit commands. Do you know if this is a similar way to how SuperLab supports/communicates with its outputs?

You can send output from the computer running SuperLab using one of our response pads or via a Measurement Computing I/O card. You would need a custom cable in either case.