SuperLab and Digital Outputs with NI USB-6008

Our lab has recently purchased a National Instruments USB-6008 to allow SuperLab to output digital signals to our Innovative Sports Motion Monitor system.

I was testing the system this morning on my Intel Mac Pro system and encountered a problem with SuperLab. I was able to get the Digital Output event to recognize the USB-6008, but whenever I clicked the Test Now button to verify its operation, SuperLab crashes. This happens when the output channel is connected to the Motion Monitor and also when it is not connected.

I then tested the USB-6008 on my PPC Mac Pro and when I go to select the Digital Output device in the Digital Output event, SuperLab crashes. On my PPC Mac Pro I have not installed the Mac OS drivers for the USB-6008 yet.

I am currently using SuperLab 4.0.8 release build 5451 with 10.5.4 on the Intel Mac Pros and 10.4.11 on my PPC Mac Pro.

Are there specific drivers I need to get SuperLab to work with the USB-6008?



SuperLab has only been tested with the National Instruments 6501. Unfortunately, we are not familiar with the USB-6008.

That is really unfortunate because we chose to buy the USB-6008 because your SuperLab manual specifically states on page 69 that you support this hardware and the SuperLab Digital Output event allows the selection of the USB-6008.

Digital Output
SuperLab 4.0 supports the following Measurement Computing I/O cards for Windows only:
• PC-CARD-DIO48 (for Laptop)
The following National Instruments I/O devices are supported on Mac and Windows:
• DaqCard-DIO-24
• PCI-DIO-96
• USB-6008
• USB-6009
• USB-6501

Have you tried a different/newer/older version of NI-DAQmx Base?

I have recently tried older versions of the NI-DAQmx Base driver and my Superlab 4.07b still crashed when I tried to test the USB-6008 by raising the lines with the Test Now button.