SuperLab 6 Crashing When Downloaded

I am trying to download SuperLab v6 for Mac (OS v11.0). Every time I download the app from the Cedrus website, I cannot get the software to open without it instantly crashing and closing unexpectedly. I haven’t been able to set up my initial account with my license key because I cannot get it to open long enough to do so. Could anyone point me in the right direction of how to fix this issue?

As you indicated in email, it’s a brand new MacBook Air. My best guess is that this is due to the new Apple Silicon chip that is now being used in that model. Please give us a couple of days to look into this.

A quick update: we will likely have a new SuperLab version 6.1 out by the end of the week to address this issue.

We just released SuperLab 6.1. It should now run on your M1 MacBook Air.

Happy holidays!

Thank you SO much! I greatly appreciate the help!

Happy Holidays!

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I just wanted to follow up: I have since downloaded Superlab 6.1 and my crash issue has been completely resolved. Thanks so much again for the help, it is much appreciated!

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Anytime, our pleasure!