Superlab 6.01 + Remote 6.01 not working

I’ve created an experiment with the new Superlab 6.01 on a mac. Works ok on the mac, but it takes a long while to run. I ported it to a Windows 10 device in order to create a Remote file.

I seemed to create a remote file correctly (no errors) but when I double click on “Run Remote Package” all that happens is a new window for “This PC --> Documents” pops up.

The licence file seems ok, so what’s wrong?

SuperLab 6.0.1 is three releases behind. Please download SuperLab 6.1 and try.

I’m not sure what you mean by “I ported it to Windows 10”. A Remote package that is created on the Mac can run only on Macs. To run a Remote package on Windows, you need to use SuperLab 6.1 for Windows to create a package that way.

Sorry, my mistake! It is the 6.1.0 version, December 23, 2020.

The .sl6 file was created on a Mac where I have my license. I moved the file to a Windows 10 machine (with a 6.1.0 Superlab and Remote license) where I tried to create a remote file. It is on the Windows 10 machine that it didn’t seem to work.