SuperLab 5.0.2 Is Now Available

As part of our continuous improvement drive, Cedrus is pleased to release SuperLab 5.0.2. It adds a few features and squashes a couple of bugs.


  • In the Startup Dialog, you can now press a key to get quickly to where you want: 1, 2, 3, or 4 to open a recently used experiment, o to open a different one, or n to create a new one.

  • When creating a criterion that involves a collection of trials, there is a new option to see if a trial is not in the collection.

  • For the criteria “Time since start of block” and “Time since start of experiment”, you can now choose seconds or minutes as unit of time (instead of just milliseconds).

  • When editing trial variables, there is a new option to duplicate an existing variable.

  • In the Block Editor’s Looping tab, the maximum number of loops is now 5,000 instead of 99.

  • You can now double-click on a rule to rename it instead of using the menu.

Plus a few other smaller improvements.

[SIZE=“2”]Bug Fixes[/SIZE]

  • Eliminated a delay that was being added every time the Digital Output feature was used. Although this is a bug fix and a definite improvement, it also means that your experiment will run a little faster if it uses events of type Digital Output – an important consideration if you are synchronizing with MRI or EEG devices.

  • Windows: Fixed a bug that prevented diacritic marks (for example é or î) from being used with string input. Note: this bug is still present in the Mac version and will be fixed soon.

  • Mac: Restored the earlier version 4 behavior of mic-press, mic-release.

[SIZE=“2”]Obtaining Version 5.0.2[/SIZE]

We recommend SuperLab 5.0.2 to all SuperLab 5 users. Please see this earlier SuperLab 5 announcement if you are still using version 4.

The latest version of SuperLab 5 can always be obtained from