SuperLab 5.0.1 Is Now Available

We follow up our original SuperLab 5 release with version 5.0.1 today. This release provides significant improvements to the handling of stimulus lists, and a few other things:

  • Text events can now use multiple lines when using stimulus lists
  • Self Paced Reading events can now use stimulus lists
  • RSVP events can also now use stimulus lists
  • Handling notes in the Event Editor is now improved and consistent with how the Block and Trial Editors work

Bug fixes include:

  • Randomizing on a per-group basis is now honored for trial levels
  • [Windows] The “Ignore undefined responses” feature introduced in SuperLab 5 now also works with Measurement Computing I/O devices
  • [Windows] Eliminated licensing-related ‘Error 5 - access is denied’ errors in multi-user computer labs

[SIZE=“2”]Obtaining Version 5.0.1[/SIZE]

We recommend SuperLab 5.0.1 to all SuperLab 5 users. Please see this earlier SuperLab 5 announcement if you are still using version 4.

The latest version of SuperLab 5 can always be obtained from