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I have just upgraded my 4.0 version to a new 4.5 version with my old license. Different from superlab 4.0 version, 4.5 allows me to install the version on 4 of my computers. Then, does it mean I can run these four at the same time?

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Hi katiekim,

The short answer is “no.” Multiple activations are not to be used by multiple users whenever we are discussing a single-user license.

We recognize that nowadays a single user is not always confined at a single computer. Therefore, we are happy to have each researcher activate both an office/lab machine and a personal laptop (for example) all to be used by a single user.

There is a new section in the back of the updated SuperLab 4.5 user manual which seeks to clarify all of this. Here is a quote from the License Agreement section (Appendix B) of the printed SuperLab 4.5 manual:

  • Question: Can I install SuperLab on the computer in the office and the one at home?
  • Answer: Yes, provided there is no chance that another person may use it while you're using SuperLab at home.

    As always, we are happy to answer any further questions. Thanks for upgrading to 4.5!


  • licence for SuperLab 4.5

    How can I get a licence for using SuperLab 4.5.?

    I will contact you via private message with ordering information.