Superlab 4.5 Freezing to keyboard input


Recently Superlab has been freezing up to all keyboard input. The program still responds to left and right clicks, however. This appears to occur randomly and once it happens it affects all superlab experiments, although it does not happen every time we run the experiments. Logging off or restarting does not solve the problem either. Is there anything I can do to fix this or prevent it?

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I think it would be helpful if I were able to look at your experiment. Can you post it as an Experiment Package? This is found under the File menu within SuperLab.

Experiment Packages

Here are the 4 experiments we will be using. I was unable to attach the image used in the first trial of the 2 experiments, Random 1 and 2.

MET 5 selections (117 KB)

MET 5 selections (27.5 KB)

Random (95.5 KB)

Random (95.5 KB)

Thank you for posting your experiments. Since you are using three participant inputs, two being Single-key and String-input you must have a correct response defined for every single event. As of right now you have many events with no correct response defined. The following thread gives more information:

The next step is to go to Participant Input. For the Keyboard-String Input make sure you have “Only if an event designates a string input response as correct” selected under Show String Input’s Edit Field under the Options tab. Do this also for Keyboard-Single Key and Mouse or Touch Screen.

Would this problem be alleviated if I changed the single-input answers to string-input answers?

Using String-input alone will cause an edit field to appear for every event. Having both string-input and single-key input is not really a problem, it just needs a few more steps.