SuperLab 4.0.7 Is Now Available

SuperLab 4.0.7 provides a couple of bug fixes and an important new feature. It is a free update to all SuperLab 4 users. You’ll be able to open all previously saved experiments in 4.0 or later, but once an experiment is saved with 4.0.7, you will not be able to open it with a prior version.

[SIZE=2]Guidance on Releases[/SIZE]

Many of you need to prepare computer labs for the Summer or Fall semester and don’t want to do so if another version is coming out during Summer. Please feel free to deploy SuperLab 4.0.7 as we do not expect to release an update for a while unless a major bug surfaces. The next version of SuperLab will be a significant one and will take some time.

[SIZE=2]Obtaining Version 4.0.7[/SIZE]

SuperLab for Windows users can download version 4.0.7 from
(Link above superseded by version 4.5)
SuperLab for Macintosh users: please contact Cedrus.

[SIZE=2]New Feature: Loop Guard[/SIZE]

SuperLab 4.0.7 adds an important new feature: block-level loop guard. With the increasing range of conditional branching options in SuperLab, some users were finding that their experiment is going into an endless loop (and thinking that SuperLab had crashed). The new loop guard feature automatically prevents that. When it detects a block that is repeated but where no actual trials are presented, it automatically passes execution to the next block.

In SuperLab 4.0.6, we introduced trial-level variables to count the number of times a trial has been presented and to evaluate a trial’s code value. The loop guard feature makes it now practical to use these trial-level conditionals.

[SIZE=2]Bug Fixes[/SIZE]

  • Fixed bug that caused an experiment’s file size to grow really big. If you ran into this bug, simply opening the experiment and saving it will bring it back to normal size.

  • [Vista only] Updated the installer to fix an issue that prevented SuperLab from running on some Windows Vista computers. The installer will now automatically install a Microsoft package if needed (the Visual C++ redistributable libraries).

  • [Mac PPC only] Fixed a bug that caused the Expression Editor to crash on PowerPC-based Macs.

  • Fixed a bug where the LHS operands were appearing twice in the Trial Editor. This happened only when an experiment was originally created in SuperLab 4.0.5 then opened in 4.0.6. This will no longer happen with new experiments.