SuperLab 4.0.6 Is Now Available

SuperLab 4.0.6 provides several new features and bug fixes. It is a free update to all SuperLab 4 users. You’ll be able to open all previously saved experiments in 4.0 or later, but once an experiment is saved with 4.0.6, you will not be able to open it with a prior version.

[SIZE=2]Obtaining Version 4.0.6[/SIZE]

SuperLab for Windows users can download version 4.0.6 from
(Link above superseded by version 4.0.7)
SuperLab for Macintosh users: please contact Cedrus.

[SIZE=2]New Features and Enhancements[/SIZE]

  • Added a new action in the macro editor to Clear “Trials Presented in This Block” Variable

  • Conditions can now be specified at the trial level (see screen snapshot below)

  • Added trial-level variable to count the number of times it’s been presented

  • Added trial-level variable to evaluate a trial’s code value

  • Collected data is now always flushed to disk after each block

  • Added option to flush collected data to disk after each trial

  • Improved SuperLab’s behavior under Vista; a technical in-depth article will be posted on Curious Chap soon

[SIZE=2]Bug Fixes Related to Conditional Branching[/SIZE]

  • Fixed a bug where, if a block was repeated, SuperLab wasn’t counting correctly trials with a specific code value

[SIZE=2]Other Bug Fixes[/SIZE]

  • SuperLab will no longer ask you to locate stimulus files that were previously opened but are no longer used by the experiment

  • Fixed a bug where the names of Location trial variables would not appear on the popup menu

  • Fixed a bug that would crash SuperLab if Color trial variables were used

  • Fixed a bug where mouse input didn’t work properly if the response location was to be auto determined and used in conjunction with a Location trial variable

  • Improved the Keyboard - String Input feature

  • Fixed a bug that prevented SuperLab 4.0 from detecting input from a PST Serial Response Box unless it was used with another program first

  • [Windows only] SuperLab no longer crashes when using the Many New Events feature to create movie events

[SIZE=2]Screen Snapshots[/SIZE]

SuperLab 4.0.6 adds powerful new trial-level conditional features. For example, this lets you repeat a block while only showing trials that were not answered correctly or trials that were skipped earlier:

SuperLab for Macintosh now has a more native look: