SuperLab 4.0.4 Is Now Available

SuperLab 4.0.4 provides a few new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. It is a free update to all SuperLab 4 users. You’ll be able to open all previously saved experiments in 4.0 or later, but once an experiment is saved with 4.0.4, you will not be able to open it with a prior version.

[SIZE=2]Obtaining Version 4.0.4:[/SIZE]

SuperLab for Windows users can download version 4.0.4 from
(Link above superseded by version 4.0.5)
SuperLab for Macintosh users: please contact Cedrus.

[SIZE=2]New Features and Enhancements:[/SIZE]

  • New macro action that lets you set all codes within a trial to a certain code value

  • Major speed improvement when editing experiments that had a large number of blocks, trials, and events

  • Events presented due to a macro can now record the participant’s response

[SIZE=2]Bug Fixes Related to Conditional Branching:[/SIZE]

  • Fixed a bug that caused macros to incorrectly count the number of trials when the first event in the trial was set to end immediately

  • Fixed a bug that caused SuperLab to calculate the percentage of trials incorrectly when the block was repeated

[SIZE=2]Other Bug Fixes:[/SIZE]

  • Fixed a few randomization issues

  • [Windows only] Fixed an installation issue where SuperLab was not being installed in the Programs folder on Japanese OS