SuperLab 4.0.3 Is Now Available

SuperLab 4.0.3 provides a number of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. It is a free update to all SuperLab 4 users. Cedrus recommends that all users upgrade. You’ll be able to open all previously saved experiments in 4.0 or later, but once an experiment is saved with 4.0.3, you will not be able to open it with a prior version.

[SIZE=2]Obtaining Version 4.0.3:[/SIZE]

SuperLab for Windows users can download version 4.0.3 from
(Link above superseded by version 4.0.4)
SuperLab for Macintosh users: please contact Cedrus. Due to the lack of a licensing mechanism in the Mac version, we cannot simply post it on the web.

[SIZE=2]New Features:[/SIZE]

  • SuperLab can now end a movie at the end of an event; this allows ending a movie immediately when a participant responds

  • SuperLab can now erase the screen or just the stimulus at the end of a picture or text event; this should simplify removing a stimulus from the screen, and in many cases, a separate event is no longer necessary.

  • [Windows only] Added support for sending output from National Instruments devices (SuperLab for Mac 4.0.2 already had N.I. digital output support)

  • Improved how SuperLab handles the list of file types that should be included in a stimulus list; this makes moving an experiment between Macs and PCs smoother

  • Added support for Sassafras K2 KeyServer

[SIZE=2]Bug Fixes Related to Conditional Branching:[/SIZE]

  • Fixed a bug that caused macros to incorrectly count the number of trials in a subset

  • Fixed a bug where SuperLab was counting incorrectly the number of trials that has a specific code value attached

  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when a macro would present an event that attempted to use a stimulus file that had not yet been loaded

  • When a block was using two (or more) macros and both would result in a branch, SuperLab was branching as told by the second macro instead of the first. Fixed.

  • When a block was using two or more macros, in some instances the macros would run in the wrong order

  • A macro’s action “Exit block” was instead repeating the block if it contained only one trial. Fixed.

[SIZE=2]Other Bug Fixes:[/SIZE]

  • [Windows only] Fixed an issue where the internal timing mechanism would stop after 71 minutes. The limit should now be upwards of 600 years, though we don’t recommend running experiments on participants for longer than a week. :slight_smile:

  • [Mac only] Eliminated a crash that happened when playing too many movies

  • Fixed an issue where SuperLab would incorrectly handle the deletion of code values

  • Fixed several issues that caused stimulus list items to have the wrong code values attached to them

  • For feedbacks based on reaction time, the RTs were being measured relative to the beginning of the experiment instead of the event. Fixed.

  • Stimulus files are now sorted alphabetically (case sensitive) when multiple files are added at once to a stimulus list

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a brief moment of audible noise at the end of an audio event

  • Fixed an issue where a response may have been incorrectly marked as self-corrected in the data file even though the event was presented from two different trials

  • Fixed an issue where line breaks may have been improperly added to text stimulus lists, thus splitting a single stimulus into multiple stimuli

  • Fixed an invalid font related crash issue

  • SuperLab now flushes input from keyboard, mouse, and XiD devices between trials.* In addition, input is also flushed when the device has gone unused for more than 500ms (e.g. 2000ms ISI, synchronous movies or audio events, etc…).

  • [Mac only] Fixed issue that caused SuperLab to crash if adding large files to a ZIP package