SuperLab 4.0.2 Is Now Available

SuperLab 4.0.2, a free update, is now available and fixes a number of issues. Cedrus recommends that all users upgrade. You’ll be able to open all previously saved experiments in 4.0 or later, but once an experiment is saved with 4.0.2, you will not be able to open it with a prior version.

[SIZE=2]Obtaining Version 4.0.2:[/SIZE]

SuperLab for Windows users can download version 4.0.2 from
(Link above superseded by version 4.0.3)
SuperLab for Macintosh users: please contact Cedrus. Due to the lack of a licensing mechanism in the Mac version, we cannot simply post it on the web.

[SIZE=2]List of Changes:[/SIZE]

  • Fixed a few issues that would cause SuperLab to crash while using the Macro Editor

  • Added a completely new event type for playing audio files. This fixes an issue on Windows where long WAV files would not play all the way through, and it brings this portion of SuperLab in sync with the Movie event type’s ability to play audio files beyond the end of a trial.

  • [Mac only] Added support for sending output from National Instruments devices

  • [Mac only] Fixed issue (in most cases) that would cause visible artifacts after a movie is removed from the screen

    • [Mac only] Fixed issue that would interfere with input methods that would require more than one keystroke to create a single character, e.g. Japanese

    • [Mac only] Fixed an incompatibility with “Full keyboard access” that made it impossible to switch between blocks, trials, and events in the main experiment window when a scrollbar was visible.

    • Fixed issue that caused Self-Paced Reading and RSVP events to not be randomized along with other events when events in a trial were being randomized

    • Fixed issue that caused SuperLab to fail to display a message when an RB-x30 response pad is not found

    • Added support for saving experiment files as a gzipped-tar package (tarball) in addition to a ZIP package. This new format supports Unicode filenames and is supported natively by Mac OS X; however, a third party program will be required on Windows to expand these packages.

  • Fixed various licensing-related issues

    • Fixed a bug that caused stimulus files to not be found if a colon “:” existed anywhere in the path

      • Added option to ignore SV-1 and Microphone input devices on an event by event basis if the event does not use a correct response. This can be configured in the Participant Input dialog. This feature allows you to completely ignore an input device if one of its responses have not been specified as correct (useful when using voice-activated devices and necessary when mixing keyboard, mouse, and string input)
    • SuperLab now correctly remembers the last file filter when opening stimulus files. You should no longer have to keep reselecting “All Supported File Types.”

    • Searching for a Cedrus XID device (e.g. Lumina, RB Series response pad) should no longer activate Bluetooth on a Mac :slight_smile: