Superlab 1.75 Errors


We recently had our lab stimulus presentation mac die (a G3 with OS 9) and had to transfer Superlab 1.75 and all of our scripts to a new computer (a G4 with OS9). Although it seems that everything was successfully transferred, our scripts aren’t running properly in the program. Superlab is finding the files and when I preview the images they look ok, but when I actually run trials, about 20-25% of images will be missing a portion.

The scripts are backed up at several locations, so I’ve tried transferring over different versions of the files. With all versions I’ve had the incomplete image problem, but with a couple of the file sets we’ve also seen error messages (always either error #1 or error #10) followed by the program shutting down. Needless to say, I’m a little frustrated and have no idea what’s going.

Any ideas/input would be very much appreciated!

Can you post one the pictures that’s missing a portion?

The image is supposed to look something like this (see attachment). Like I said, when I preview the images, they look fine. I am unable to post a defective image because they are only defective when they are flashed for ~10 ms during the running of trials. When this happens, there is a wide horizontal strip missing. Sometimes this missing strip includes the targets that participants are supposed to report, and sometimes it does not.



I have never seen this issue before. Is your OS9 running under a Mac OS X compatibility mode?