Subliminal Messaging Hardware Question.


I have created a program where I will be exposing participants to masked visual stimuli that appear for about 10 milliseconds.

If I use a 144Hz monitor, I should be able to present images for multiples of 7 milliseconds.

What else would I need besides the program and a 144Hz monitor to achieve this feat?

Thank you,

In addition to the program and a 144Hz monitor, you will also need a video card that is capable of driving the monitor at that speed.

What do the monitor settings indicate on your computer?

Thank you for your assistance Hisham!

I will be checking the computer specifications once I get to the campus on Monday December 1st).

I looked at the PLATO Visual Occlusion Spectacles. They seem promising, but the price is very steep (we need to accommodate multiple participants at once, so we would need multiple goggles).

I figure I would use a 120 HZ monitor. They are more affordable and can expose people to stimuli at around 8 ms.

You have been extremely helpful.
Thank you again,
Patrick M.