For the stroop test that I downloaded from the forum participants are asked to use their keyboard to record their answers, specifically,

z: Red
x: green
c: blue
v: brown
b: purple

Is it possible to use the programming tools to make the response point and click? For example

Red Green Blue Brown Purple

would be below the target word and the participant could point and click on the color they wanted verus pressing z,x,c,v or b.


This is possible within SuperLab. I would suggest having the colors names that the participant is to click on being in one picture file. Within the picture file, make the words spaced out in such a way that makes it easier for you to define the areas.

  • Create an event with stimulus type [B]Picture File[/B]
  • Import the picture file that was created with the color names
  • To create on-screen responses, go to the [B]Experiment[/B] menu and then [B]Participant Input[/B]
  • Check[B] Mouse or Touch Screen[/B] as an input device
  • The [B]Participant Input Editor[/B] appears
  • Click on the[B] New [/B]button to create a response
  • The [B]Mouse Response Editor[/B] appears
  • Click on the third option that reads, "Specific area found at location (in pixels)"
  • Define the areas on screen where the participant will be clicking either Red, Green, Blue, Brown or Purple
  • After defining the five areas, one for each color word, click [B]Ok[/B] to exit
  • In the [B]Participant Input[/B] dialog, there is a [B]Preview[/B] button that will display in a blue border the areas that have defined responses
  • Go back to the picture event. In the [B]Event Editor[/B], under the [B]Stimulus[/B] tab, click the [B]Preview[/B] button. This will illustrate the five areas that were defined under [B]Participant Input[/B]