Stroop task, randomization and cues


I created a Stroop task using stimulus lists (4 lists that are displayed in a specific color-ink and containing each 3 words) and then randomized all events. It works almost perfectly but can’t figure out how to do 2 things :

  1. I want a cue to be presented before each event.
    I already tried differents things :
  • (1) I tried to put a cue before each of my stimulis-list event but it randomize everything, even cues.

  • (2) I checked the box randomize except first and/or last, but then it presented a cue before each stimulus-list and not before each word.

  • (3) I tried putting only one cue before my first stimulus-list and checked the box randomize except first and didn’t work either… There must be something I’m forgetting but can’t figure what !

  1. I want my block/trial to last 20 minutes.
    When my trial is randomized, I have 81 presentations of this trial (takes around 10-12 minutes). Is there a way to tell superlab to run a specific trial for 20 minutes? Each block is linked to one trial.

Thanks for your help !

Presenting a cue before each event should be rather straightforward and is in fact described in the tutorial chapter in the SuperLab manual. So I’m guessing that I’m likely missing an important detail.

To make the trial run for 20 minutes, you would need to have the 81 presentations end only on a time limit.

I will send you an email to arrange for an appointment for a Zoom meeting. Screen sharing will get your questions answered faster.