Stroop Style Test


I’m designing a Stroop Test and I think I’ve got the hang of most of the features in Superlab to be able to construct the experiment.

However, I want to run a trial with a given list of words, whereby the words appear randomly coloured in 5 different colours (Blue, Red, Green, Brown, Purple) and the correct response is the colour they appear in. I have no idea how to code the correct response as font colour. I have created codes, but even then I have to tie them to specific list items, which I can’t find out how to assign colours to.

Please tell me if there’s a way of doing this! Otherwise I’m going to have to create images, 5 of each word, in different colours, and separately assign coded responses to each of them. Not ideal!

Thanks in advance.

It doesn’t seem to be possible. I’ve been trying to do the same thing for a couple of weeks but apparently there is no way to have superlab record which colour it is using, so there is no way of setting it to choose the appropriate correct response automatically.
I’ve ended up making a coloured word list for each set of words with the trial set to randomize. Unfortunately this isn’t ideal either though, because I am only using 4 colours/4 word lists, so after every 3rd word the participant will be able to work out the colour of the 4th which effectively defeats the point of a stroop test!

Unfortunately, richm is correct. It’s not currently possible to set the correct response based on a trial variable.

Thanks richm and MonikaT, well that’s annoying!

Do either of you happen to know any software that does have this specific capability?

What seems strange is that I have read some literature that claims to have used Superlab for Stroop style tests - maybe they manually timed?

You can use Trial Variables to vary the color of the word being presented. However, you cannot have the correct response be determined by color. I do also want to point out we have a Sample Stroop Experiment that has been done on SuperLab posted on our forums. It can be found from the following link: