Stroop Expt. from Classic Experiments pdf

I downloaded the pdf description of classic experiments in superlab, but have not been able to find Experiment 5 (Studies of interference in serial verbal reactions… Basically the Stroop task). Has the link to this program been removed? Thanks!

The Stroop experiment will be posted shortly.

This version of the Stroop does not match up exactly how it reads in the SuperLab Classic Experiments manual, however I believe it will be very beneficial to you regardless. (4.92 KB)

Stroop manual & data in txt file


I have downloaded the Stroop task and it works fine, however I am trying to work out how to interpret the data in the text file.

I can’t work out which stimuli were congruent or incongruent and I’m guessing that the last two columns are the reaction time in ms and actual response key pressed.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


This is a sample of a Stroop experiment that does not have that information coded in. You can use the Code feature to tag the trials as congruent or incongruent. When you create a code this will result in an additional column added to the data file.

Hello Monika,
I cannot open the version example of the Stroop task that you have attached. Any suggestions?

I will contact you via private message to get your email addresses so I can send it to you directly.

cannot download attachment

hello Monika,

Im looking to use that stroop task attcament but i am unable to open the file. Is there any other way that i could open it?

I will contact you by private message so I can send it to you directly.

Hi there MonikaT, can you also send me a copy of the stroop test?

Yes, of course. I will contact you now via private message.

I can´t use the stroop file

Dear team,

I downloaded the stroop file but only I can see the first slide after don´t reproduce, is possible have access to the zip folder?


Yes, I will contact you my private message immediately.

Zip folder access

Hello Monika,

May I also please have access to the zip folder?

Thank you.

The .ZIPped experiment that Monika emailed to other forum users is the same as what is posted on July 15, 2011. Are you having difficulty downloading the posted one?

Coding colour and word

Hi guys,

Seeing that you guys are all experts in this program, and I being a fair newbie, I was wondering if I could seek your expert opinion regarding the stroop test.

Can anyone give me advice on how I can randomise the colour and words? I have tried adding tags and all but I cant find an option for a colour input. Please help!


Hi MonikaT, could you send me the Stroop file as well? Thanks.

Problems with Stroop demo in SL 5.0

Hi – I’m trying to use the Stroop demo in SL 5.0 but have run into a couple of problems. The Stroop version available to download is a Mac version (I’m using Superlab for windows), the experiment was created in a previous version of Superlab and I receive a few importing warnings when I open the experiment (see attached log). The experiment appears to run fine but after it finished, there were several “missing tag” errors.

Is there an available Stroop demo that runs on Superlab 5.0 without error?

Thank you.

log.txt (707 Bytes)

color tag log.txt (18 KB)

Hello rizella.

Try the Stroop experiment I’ve attached to this post. Let me know if it doesn’t work out. (3.18 KB)

Download not happening - only a string message appears in the chrome

Hi There,

I am unable to download the stroop test from the earlier or the new posts. Kindly suggest.