Stroop Effect and Divided Attention experiments

Hello, I’m currently writing here because I was wondering if any resources were available to learn how to better use the product. I am a member of a team that has been tasked with both comprehending Super Lab, figuring out how to produce experiments of sufficient quality to be able to be run in a lab and finally writing (or assist in writing) an instruction manual and/or coursepack to instruct others to do the same.

For the manual/coursepack, we were intending to demonstrate use of the software using the Stroop Effect and a Divided Attention experiment. We are, however having some trouble figuring out how to create word lists with both variable colors, and also a fixed color per word (for example, red would be in the color red for one of the lists)

Any help or ideas about how to do this would be appreciated. Any other resources anyone could point me to (I’ve done the tutorial already, as has everyone in the team) would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I figured this particular issue out (Though I may need additional help soon).