String input


I’m trying to make an experiment in which the subjects see a series of videos and after each one they have to write a short description of what they saw. I’m having problems with the where the correct answer is string input from the keyboard - I don’t know how to get SuperLab to terminate it so that it can go on to the next trial.

In ‘Response completion’ I have selected ‘After clicking a button …’ and that the participant has completed the response if they press Enter. Yet, whenever anything is written in the answer box and either the key Enter or the button on the screen is pressed, the only thing that happens is that the text from the answer box is recorded in the output file, and the ansewer box is emptied. I never manage to end the event, except by pressing Escape, which ends the whole experiment.

I saw that someone on this forum has a similar problem before, but I did everything mentioned in the answer to their message, with no result.

Could you please help me? I attach the present version of the experiment. (621 KB)

There’s one tiny little detail that you missed. In answer_bg, you do have the string input response marked as the correct response. However, you have it set to end only “After a correct response from the participant.” This means that the event will only end when the exact text entered in the Participant Input dialog is entered by the participant. In your case, this is not what you want, so you will change the Input tab to end the event after any response from the participant.


Thanks Hank, this worked.