String Input

I have a question about setting up an experiment to receive string input from the keyboard. In the “experiment” menu, I checked “keyboard-sting input” from the participant input options and specified a correct response for the last event in the sequence. But, when I do a trial run, the output indicates no response, even though I pressed three keys on the keypoard.

I’ve attached a sample of the exteriment I’m trying to create. The purpose is to mentally add or subtract from the numbers that represent each “counter” or line based on whether the box is above or below the “counter” (each “counter” is initially set to five) Since there are three “counters,” the answer should be three numbers. For the question and question mark, I want a recorded latency from the voice key, but have not set it up to do that yet. Let me know if you have any questions about the task.

Please let me know how I can get the program to actually accept the string input from the keyboard. Also, is it possible to get the program to accept string input from the response box rather than the keyboard? This would be a preferable option. (5.8 KB)

Here’s what I can tell based on the experiment you’ve attached:

String input is configured to end after 1 second of activity. The event is configured to end after 2 seconds. This means (by subtraction) that you only have 1 second to enter your answer. If you go any longer, the event will end before the input does. As a result, the response is not registered, as string input doesn’t tell SuperLab that there was a response until after that 1-second delay.

It is currently not possible to use a response box rather than the keyboard for string input.