String Input Timing

I am using string input to collect 5 responses in a memory experiment. I would like to time the duration of the input from the cue to respond to the time until the last (5th) response is made. How can I do this?

I reset the timer on the tone stimulus event that is used as the cue to respond, and I marked Save responses. In the experiment tab I select Sting Input and I also select collect 5 responses. I also check the box so that a Return key will end the trial too. Subjects normally enter 5 responses and that ends the trial.

The stimulus events are presented successively as auditory stimuli (wave files) using Movie stimulus types. 

  Getting the times for all 5 responses would be okay too, as long as they cumulate or I can add them up.  

I’d appreciate any advice.


With string input, the RT is measured relative to when the participant presses the first key only. If you can show 5 successive edit fields, you would then be able to obtain timing for onset of all 5 responses (and they can be cumulative).