string input doesn't work


My problem is the following: everytime i create a string input for a question (e.g. where do you come fron?), i can write into the textbox but after that nothing more works. So you can click the “next”-button (for once) but it doesn’t move to the next page…

Thank you for your answer!


Please post the experiment and I’ll take a look at it to see if some setting needs adjustment. Which version of SuperLab are you using?

Thank you Hirsham for answering.

On the first screen you can press the “§”-key to go on (below the esc-key). You can see the problem within the second screen. “Alter” means age and you should be able to put your age in the string input… after that you should click on the “next” button, that won’t work, either.

Thanx a lot


FoSem HS 08 Experiment.sl4 (69.9 KB)

… and the version I use is the newest one, 4.0.7b…