string input after picture presentation

i can’t get this to work, though it seems like it would be relatively simple.

i want a picture to come up, and a string input box to appear. then i want the subject to enter three characters into the box, and when this is completed, the next picture comes up. i’m using stimulus lists, but i cannot get it to work right. attached is the experiment package.


Artifact Function vs Danger1 (14.9 MB)

I notice that if in “Show String Input’s Edit Field” I click on “For all events” then the edit field shows up for all trials (of course), but for “Only if an event designates…” then the edit field won’t show up. How can I make the previous event (a picture) stay on the screen while the next even (the edit field) comes up, and then they both go away once the response is done by the subject?

I tried to have the picture events require string input, but no go.

And while I’m at it, another problem I’ve noticed: The code values are not showing up in the data file. I changed the way I assigned them since the version I attached above, but my data output is not showing columns with any code values. The code values are attached to “An event of a stimulus list item” and I have assigned code combos to each individual item in all my lists.

Thanks for your help

Here is my output file

1.txt (940 Bytes)

You are having trouble with the text box because when using String-Input and Single-Key combined you need to define a correct response for every event. Even when you are using stimulus lists. Go into the Event Editor, then the Correct Response tab. When you select each stimulus file on the left there must be a correct response defined. Please see the link below for more information.

Regarding not seeing your code values, I see that you created codes but not where you attached them. Go to the Experiment menu, Stimulus List, then click on one of your lists and select the Code Values tab. When clicking through your list items you will see that nothing is assigned on the Code Values side. Do you want to attach your codes to trials instead?

Thanks Monika.

I figured out the first problem a different way. I made it so the picture events do not require a response. Then for “Show String Input’s Edit Field” I checked “For all events” and then for presentation options I unchecked “erase screen before presenting stimulus” and that seemed to do the trick.

As for the codes, I do have code values assigned to all the list items - they are highlighted in blue. The version you see doesn’t show that??

Here is my new version - I have the codes entered for List A only - same problem with the output file.

Artifact Function vs Danger1 (14.9 MB)

The two experiments were different from one another. The first one, the code values were not marked and the settings in the Event Editor, under the Input tab were also different. The updated experiment now has “Immediately after the event is presented” selected, the first one did not. When using this option, the code values won’t show up in the data file. I suggest changing these events to end after a time limit of 1 ms. Also, please make sure you have “Record and save response” checked under the Input tab.

I didn’t realize having “Immediately after the event is presented” checked would prevent code values from showing up! Why is that? Anyway, now fixed.

The two experiments were different. I got it working right now.

Thanks for your help Monika!