strange problem with the data file...

I programmed a VDP task in SuperLab 5 (experiment package attached).
It contains 12 blocks of 12 trials each.
The trials include a fixation cross, and then a screen with a stimulus (named “test” in the trial levels) either on the right or the left (depending on the trial level), a paired stimulus (named “paire” in the trial levels) at the opposite and a fixation cross between them. Then a target appears either on the right or the left (named “cible” in the trial levels).
The presentation of the whole task is OK but there is a problem in the data file, for which I really don’t find any explanation or solution…
For the first 5 blocks, everything is OK.
But for the following blocks, the “trial levels” are very strangely stored in the data file, and the data stored are not relevant with the presentation of the task… The responses times seem to be correct (they are the expected outcome of the task) but I still have doubts because of the problems on the trial levels.
I have attached a test (“TEST ELSA”) for illustration.
The strange thing is that when I copy - paste a block that works, just changing the link with the related events, the problem persists…
Thanks in advance for your help!


TEST (3.89 KB)

Salut Gaëlle, I opened the experiment and the data file. What exactly should I be looking at? e.g. if you could please name a trial / event that you think has missing data.

Please note that you have some events that are set to end immediately, e.g. “Photo test bloc 1”. SuperLab will not save data for those events. To make it save data, a workaround is to have the event end on a time limit and then set the time limit to 1ms.

Dear Hisham,
Thank you for your reply.
Please look at the “TEST ELSA.txt” file (data file), especially in the column named “bloc X photo test” / “bloc X photo paire” / “bloc X cible” (3 different trial variables per block, to indicate the position of the photos and the target).
In blocks 1 to 5, everything is correct: the trial variable are correctly recorded for each blok.
But from block 6 (line 68 if you open the txt file in Excel) and for all the following blocks, it’s the mess!!
All blocks/trials/events/trial variables are set in the same way from block to block, so that’s why I don’t understand why the data file is so messy from block 6…:confused:
In the experiment, please compare the trial “essai négatif bloc 5” which works correctly) to the trial “essai neutre bloc 6”.
The experiment works for all trials/blocks, but the data file is messy from block 6 to block 12.
Thank you in advance