Stimulus randomization

I am new to ERPs.
I am planning on an auditory oddball task.
But in superlab 4.5, I dont know how to generate the next stimulus not as same as previous. Kindly advise

Hello Rohit.

Are you aware of stimulus lists? If so, can you post the experiment that you have so far?

Attaching the code file

Dear Armaan,

This is the experiment stage I have yet been able to work through. I have still version 4.5

Auditory Oddball Test (11.3 KB)

Experiment revised with macro

Hi Armaan,

I have made some additions using macros after reading other blogs, but am still not able to get proper randomization where the deviant stimuli does not repeat itself.
I am attaching the revised version with macros too.

Auditory Oddball Test Try (11.5 KB)

The macros feature in SuperLab 4.5 was completely rewritten from scratch and was replaced by the rules features in SuperLab 5. Rules are much simpler to use and more powerful at the same time.

While we still support SuperLab 4.5, this support is limited to features that are common to both versions. But for something that was replaced and made better over four years ago, I’m afraid that we cannot devote precious support resources for that.

I apologize for the inconvenience. We’ll be happy to assist if you get version 5.