Stimulus Presentation Below 30ms

Hey all,

My lab has been trying to run an experiment using faces displayed at short intervals (17, 30, 100ms)

The problem I am running into is the stimuli are not presenting for the time set up. A few things to note: we are using flat-LCD monitors. We do have CRT monitors available but if it is possible to show the stimuli for these times on the LCD’s it would be perfect.

Attached you will find the experimental package as well as a test file. The time variables are present as they should be but the actual length between stimulus and mask is longer than the set time.

I hope this makes sense, if not I will do my best to explain!

Thank you,



The attachments are exceeding the limit so I will have to figure another way of sharing them.

Can you put the experiment on Dropbox and post a link?

Here it is, thank you!