stimulus lists - files

Hello all - quick question (I hope):

I need to create a stimulus list of files (not text), images actually. However when I go to Experiment–>Stimulus Lists, then create a new List, and then arrive at the Stimulus List Editor, I see no place to actually “Add” the image files. According to the superlab help contents file you’ve provided with the software, the directions are to:

**** Click on the Experiment menu and select Stimulus Lists. A dialog appears showing all the stimulus lists already created, if any.
Click on the New (+) icon button to create a new list. The Stimulus List Editor appears.
Enter a name for the list.
Click on the List Type popup menu and set the type to File if it’s not already. The list type can be changed only when the list is being created.
Click on the File(s) are for use with events of type popup menu and select the event type that you want to use this list with:

Click on the Add Files button to add one or more files. You can add several files at the same time. You can also add the same file several times; SuperLab will display a duplicate icon () next to it.
Click on the Add Folder button to add the contents of a folder. SuperLab will add all the files that the event type supports, e.g. if you are creating a list of picture files, SuperLab will add all the GIF, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, and PNG files that it can find in that folder. SuperLab will also search all subfolders contained within the folder. It reads the files found in alphabetical order.

It is the step “Click on the Add Files” button that loses me - where is this button? I see nothing like that on the Stimulus List Editor screen. I’ve looked everywhere. I see everything else (Show: Preview vs. Location; the up/down and delete buttons for rearranging the stimulus list, the tabs for list items/code values/description; etc.)

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried resizing the window to make it larger?

Thanks Monika - I knew it had to be something really simple and obvious, but that one didn’t occur to me - the superlab main window is so small that it never occurred to me to resize it…:rolleyes: