Stimulus Lists' file names in the output data file.

I’m using Stimulus Lists and the folder includes a set of files with jpg images. Their presentation is randomized. Is there a simple way to output the file names in the data file instead of having Slide 12, Slide 6, Slide 8, etc. in the Trial Name column?
Thanks in advance.

Click Experiment > Expand Events That Use Lists… This will expand a single event that uses a stimulus list so that each stimulus has its own event that displays its file name.

Also, I would note that we recommend against editing an expanded experiment. Instead, only view it to see exactly how your experiment will proceed at run-time.

I’m getting into the same issue again. So… it seems that there is not a simple solution. Also, my stimulus list has 200 images, which means that expanding a list and annotating every stimulus would be a very very hard work… prone to errors.
Is there a simple way to insert a column in the output containing the names of the files?
Thanks in advance.