Stimulus Lists and Rating Scales!

Hi everybody,

I am new to superlab and am trying to format an experiment that involves a rating tast with a word list of 64. I would like these words to be presented simulatenously with a rating scale below that takes up two lines (1-5, Highly relevant or Highly irrelevant.) If the subject does not respond a new event is programmed to appear after 5 seconds, though I don’t want the scale to disappear along with it. When I attempt to do it through experiment-stimulus lists every stimulus input can only be one line long.
Do i have to create 64 events attached to my trial? How do I present a new word with a rating scale remaing constant throughout the entire word list?

Any advice would be much appreciated. :slight_smile: Help!

Present the rating scale as a separate event that is presented prior to the word, and the word needs to be configured to not erase the screen (event editor->stimulus->settings->presentation options). Furthermore, it might make sense to configure your word event to erase the stimulus at the event’s end (same window). If you do both of those, your scale will stay on the screen, regardless the words that come and go, as long as your extra event doesn’t erase the screen.

That’s just a start. :slight_smile:

Rating scale and timing

Thanks for the help! We’ve entered in everything that you recommended and the rating scale now remains on the screen as each word is presented from the word list. However, after the participant enters a correct response (1-5) the word will disappear and the rating scale remains for a few seconds. We would like the next word to be presented immediately after a partcipant response or a 5 second timer. Why is there a gap in between presentation of the next stimulus?

Thanks again!

That’s difficult to say without seeing how the experiment is configured. If there’s more than one event in your trial, check to see if it is either looking for a response or has a time limit on it. If you’re running 4.0.6 on Windows, make sure that it’s 4.0.6b, as the original 4.0.6 had serious issues on single-core machines (oops).

The only other thing that readily comes to mind is that you may have the trial configured to be presented at regular intervals, which would introduce a delay before the next trial is presented.