stimulus lists and randomization

Hey, so Superlab is getting really frustrating. Here’s what I need to do:

  1. Display text selected at random from a list
  2. Show a face next to it

This seems like something that should be a breeze for a program like this. In the events I have the text list, and under that a list of picture files (faces). The trials are randomized, and the events are randomized except for the first one (stimlus list). What’s it’s doing is showing one item in the list and then cycling through all the pictures. I need the texts to be randomized with the faces but I cannot seem to do this! I’ve attached an example, PLEASE HELP!!

I tried to attach the file but I keep getting an error, if anyone can help I will email it.

If you have a new issue, feel free to open a new thread, but this post is simply a continuation of this thread: