Stimulus lists and order of stimuli, randomization


I should have my stimuli in certain order. I use .wav-files. I read at the help sites that when using folders as stimulus list the program reads files in aphabetical order. Still in the stimulus lists window after choosing my stimulus files (not folders) the files won’t go to any apparent logical order like alphabethical or numerical. Have anybody noticed this? What is the logic? I am using Mac os X.

Then problem with randomization. I have two kinds of stimuli. I would like to have no more than 4 same kind of stimuli successively. Is is possible?


When you add a group of files, no ordering is done by SuperLab when they are added to the stimulus lists. The files are added as they are provided to us (which I admit looks a bit funny). Once added, you can reorder these as you see fit. If you add a folder, however, there is no mechanism to specify the ordering of the files within the folder.

With respect to randomization, SuperLab does not offer anything like you are suggesting. If you have these types of requirements, you may need to randomize by hand.

Hello again!

Thanks for reply. What did you exactly mean by the last comment in brackets?
“The files are added as they are provided to us (which I admit looks a bit funny).”
I have many hundreds of stimuli and the order certainly looks funny and certainly other than they appear in folders in my mac (that is numerical order). Is it my mac I should blame?


I’ve added this to our bug list. I’ll see what I can do to get it fixed soon (the part where files get added to the list in a funny order).

The detail in the documentation about files being selected in alphabetical order applies to when you simply add a folder to the stim list. The children are recursively added in alphabetical order.


What is situation now with the bug we were discussing earlier? Has there been any progres? I may have to do my experiments with another program.


It has been fixed internally and will be available in SuperLab 4.0.3 which we expect to ship within the next few weeks.