Stimulus List

hi again!

I have another fairly basic question for you but I definitley need it answered!

I entering in a stimulus list of about 130 words. I would like the rating scale to remain on the screen and I already have it programmed so that it will. However, after the word is presented (and the correct input has been entered or 5000 ms has passed) I would like a blank screen to appear for 500 ms and a target x to appear after that for 500 ms followed by another blank screen presented for 250 ms after the x.

How do I make an event for the blank screen-fixation-blank screen and have it integrated into my stimulus word list?
Do they all have to be seperate events?

Help! Thankyou so much.


Yes, each event is separate. Once you have created the events, you select a trial and checkmark the events you want to occur in that trial. You can change the order using the arrow buttons. If you have one or more events with stimulus lists, one element will be consumed each time the event referencing the list occurs.

(You repeat a parallel selection and checkmarking of trials within blocks.)

Greg Shenaut