stimulus list response collector

This is a simple experiment to serve as a template for repeating a stimulus list to collect responses that can be linked to codes and feedback.

This is useful if you have a stimulus list but want to insert additional events (i.e., response cues, mask) before collecting a response. Normally, any new events after a list would make it impossible to use the codes created for the stimulus list.

Note the “stimulus response collector” event. It is just a replication of the “stimulus list” except that it collects a response. Also, the stimulus is not actually presented again during response collection by changing the presention setting to show it at the x,y location 1000,1000, which is off of the screen.

The codes attached to the stimulus list items will be attached to the collector list correctly in the data file, even if the order of the stimulus list is randomized.

To do this yourself just copy your stimulus list event and paste it later where you want to collect responses for it. The codes and feedback for the stimulus list should be attached to the response collector event. Then just figure out how to hide the stimulus presentation. (I’m not sure how this could be done with sound :confused: ).

I repeated this info in the experiment instructions. Enjoy :slight_smile:

list response (3.59 KB)

The Sound and Audio File events don’t allow selection of the volume, but the Movie event does. You could use the movie event instead and set the volume to the lowest value. Note that you may have issues if the start of the data collection event overlaps with the presentation of the movie/audio stimulus.