stimulus list not to be randomized


I’ve created a block that consist of 6 trials, each trial consist of 2 events: audio event with a stimulus list (3 sentences in a specific order) and a picture file event. audio and visual stimuli are to be presented at the same time for each trial.
I’ve randomized the trials at the block level. the problem is it’s randomizing the stimulus lists and presenting individual sentences with the picture in a randomized order. i want it to randomize the trials as a whole. can it be done?

thank you for your help,


Do you also have randomization turned on under the Trial level?

no, i don’t think it was randomized under the trial level. after sending the thread i realized that i don’t really need the stimulus lists… :o i recorded the 3 sentences again as one segment and it was o.k :slight_smile:

thank you!