stimulus list bug?

I have two separate events that each need to use a different stimulus list. The stimulus lists are both folders that contain picture files (png). I only need the list to run through with each file being shown for a certain amount of time, one after another.

Some problems:
It won’t let me choose which folder it runs through for the individual events; it just chooses the one at the top of the list. And then runs through everything. Can I have more than one stimulus list?

It orders individual files in a different way then they are ordered in my folder, which is how I need them.

It can load some png files but not others, unless I go in and manually add individual files instead of the folder. I’ve opened these files separately and they work. I’ve put them in as individual events and they work.

Please assist, thanks.

Try adding the PNG files to the stimulus lists as files (you can ctrl+click to choose many files at one time). Once you have added the files, you can use the arrow buttons to move files up or down.

I have manually added the individual png files (both to get them to work and to get them in the right order); it runs through every file I add.
I have two separate events that both need their own stimulus lists. Is this possible?


Yes, this is possible. You can create the new stimulus list in the same way you created the first.

I think there was just some confusion moving from creating Events like normal and then introducing stimulus lists into the mix. See, the first time I made a stimulus list I used the button inside the Event editor since it’s already next to ‘file type’ and such. I’m afraid there wasn’t anything intuitive about how to access a new/different Stimulus List editor; I went through the manual to find more specific directions and it pointed me to the different menu. It might be of interest to those writing the manual that for solitary files you create the structure first, then add content, whereas for stimulus lists it seems you do the opposite, with adding the content first and then creating structure.
All solved now though. Thanks for your responses.

I didn’t realize you were working through the Event Editor, instead of the Stimulus List Editor. The Stimulus Editor is accessed by going to the Experiment menu. Thank you for the clarification.