Stimuli Presentation Issue

I’m trying to set up an experiment where a word pair is presented on the screen and the study participant is so supposed to indicate whether they saw the pair during the study phase or not.

The problem I’m having is I want each pair to be presented for a couple seconds, if the participant doesn’t respond in a couple seconds the screen needs to go blank until the participant makes a response. The experiment can only continue to the next event (word pair) once a response is made. If the participant does respond while the word pair is still being presented the blank screen needs to be skipped and the next event (word pair) is immediatly displayed.

The participants response needs to be recorded regardless of when they respond.

Any advice on how to set this up is greatly appreciated.


Create one trial with three events, “word 1”, “word 2”, and “blank screen” event. Have “word 2” event end on a time limit of 2 seconds. Also in the “word 2” event, create a Feedback that states, If Response is correct, Skip remaining events and present next trial.