Stimuli lists - text file for pictures

SuperLab5.0 has a new feature where you can load pictures into a stimuli list using a text file. This would be really helpful since I have 192 pictures to load into an experiment, however I cannot get the feature to work.

I have created a text file with the file names of all my pictures in the order I want them presented (some are presented multiple times), however when I try to insert this into a picture stimuli list, I get an error that says it is not a valid file path or file does not exist.

I also tried adding the path $(ExperimentFolder)/ExpStimuli/filename to each entry in the text file and I got the same error.

I couldn’t find any help files or information on the forums that detailed how you imported pictures via a text file.

What format must the text file be to import into a picture stimuli list?



Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 11.04.55 AM.png

If using a Mac you need to make sure you import by using a .txt file. If you are using Text Edit, you will need to change it to “Make plain text” which is under the Format window. In Windows you can use notepad.

The file should contain the complete paths to the files, with one path per line.

Example on a Mac:
/Users/jsmith/Stim Pictures/001.png
/Users/jsmith/Stim Pictures/002.png
/Users/jsmith/Stim Pictures/red.png
/Users/jsmith/Stim Pictures/blue.png

Example on Windows:
C:\Users\jsmith\Documents\My SuperLab Experiments\Stim Pictures\001.png
C:\Users\jsmith\Documents\My SuperLab Experiments\Stim Pictures\002.png
C:\Users\jsmith\Documents\My SuperLab Experiments\Stim Pictures\red.png
C:\Users\jsmith\Documents\My SuperLab Experiments\Stim Pictures\blue.png