Hi, Anyone using the SimTracker? I can get Superlab to talk to the StimTracker. I’ve installed the drivers - so I think but Superlab keeps freezing each time I test the digital output in events. Does anyone know what the StimTracker is listed as under the USB menu in the device manager window? I’m sure is somthing to do with the USB drivers, has anyone had similar problems?

Under the Device Manager it should read, “USB-to-Serial Port”. What version of SuperLab are you using? Please go to the Help menu and choose License. The most current version is SuperLab 4.5.1.

It’s version 4.5. the device manager has listed a ‘USB Serial Converter’ I’m going to try to remove and add the drivers again. The setup button in the event manager is gray when I select the StimTracker, is this correct?

“USB Serial Converter” is indeed the driver. One way to verify that is to turn StimTracker on or off, and watch the driver getting listed or removed in the Device Manager as you do so.

StimTracker does not require any custom settings – SuperLab automatically detects its presence That’s why the Setup button is grayed out when StimTracker is selected as the Device.

OK tried again and each time i press the ‘test’ button in the event window for StimTracker Digital Output my computer freezes and I have to go to ‘task manager’ and ‘end task’. Any Help Out There?

Sorted - it was a driver issue, i think there are two componants to the drivers because once i’d installed one it again prompted me that new hardware had been found, so i installed the drivers again and it now works!

When hooking up with Biopac MP36 it only triggers 3 digital channels and so binary number 0-7 can be used. I was hoping that all 8 channels could be triggered and so utalising numbers 0-255. Any thoughts anyone?

Here are the signals that are available on the Biopac MP36: