StimTracker TTL inputs


I am using Superlab and a StimTracker in conjunction with the STP100C. I am a little unclear about the 6 TTL input lines. I’d like to know if these can be used to send event markers from Superlab to Aqcknowledge. I know that the USB cable can be used to create event markers on 3 channels, but I am interested in having more event markers. Everything I’ve read implies that the ethernet cord is used for button boxes, but I am just wondering if it can be used to pass a digital signal from Superlab to Acqknowledge as well.


For sending event codes from SuperLab to Acqknowledge, the preferred method is USB, as you mention. The TTL Input connector does not have to be used with a response pad; it can be used with any general purpose TTL lines. You can always use a USB-based I/O device from National Instruments or Measurement Computing to send additional bits of information.