StimTracker Quad firmware update issue

Hi. I followed the instructions for updating the stimtracker quad from here:Updating StimTracker’s Firmware.
I got to step 10c, the program did not verify. Repeated step 10 and same result. Disconnected from the stimtracker and now the Xidon software can detect the stimtracker though Windows notices when its turned on and off. How do we fix this? The instructions are fairly straight forward so its disappointing that the update failed to this extent.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

On rare occasions, a unit gets bricked during a firmware update. But this doesn’t seem to be the case in your situation. I’l send you an email to arrange for a Zoom meeting.


The same thing happened to us when we updated StimTracker firmware. Did you find a solution to this issue?

Hi. Hisham reached out to us after we submitted a support ticket. I suggest doing that.

You may need to send the unit back to us for “unbricking”. Please send us an email.