Stim Tracker

Dear Cedrus Support

I am the first use of Stim tracker. After I press power button of Stim Tracker, the blue LEDs of digital input do not display. How to make LEDs of digital input light up.

I use a Cedrus Response pad (RB- 834) for participant’s response. RB- 834 is connected to a computer via USB and I connect RJ 45/Ethernet cable between RB-834 and Stim Tracker. If I want to mark the participant has response, how should I do.

Thank you,


Do any of the LED’s light up on StimTracker? Please make sure within SuperLab, then the Experiment menu, Participant Input, when you are under your RB-x30 Series option, go to the Setup tab, then press the Setup button. Once your here, you need to have “To reflect the state of the keys” selected.