stim list no repeats


I’m trying to create an experiment in which, in each trial, a name (text) is used as a prime, followed by an image, followed by a response screen (text). The correct response to be inputted on the response screen depends on the image shown in the previous event. The name on the first screen should be randomly selected.

I had planned to create a trial containing three events. In the first event, a name is randomly chosen from a stimulus list. This is then followed by an image, followed by the response screen and I chose the correct response based on the image on the response screen. However, I can’t find a way to keep the names from repeating. I only want to show each name and each image once.

The problem is that if I also try to select the images from a stimulus list, then I don’t know how to tag the correct response for the response event because the tag would be based on the previous event which would be randomized.

I wish it were easier to just choose an event from a stimulus list and move on.


Hello ab27,

I have attached an experiment that randomizes the selection of images and manually determines the correct response using rules, tags, and parameters. Take a look through the experiment and let me know if this solved your problem.

If you have any questions, please post them along with your experiment files. (24.1 KB)