start new trial after answer

I want to present two images simultaneously, and then let them disappear after 3 seconds, or as soon as an answer is given.
After an answer I want to go on to the next trial, regardless when the answer was given. So, if it takes participants more than 3 seconds to give their answer, then the images should disappear and the programme should wait for an answer. If, however, a participant answers after 1 second, I want the images to disappear and the next trial to begin.

I have managed to present 2 stimuli simultaneously, and it works when either I insert a blank “answer” event (as long as participants don’t answer until the images disappeared), or, when I don’t insert an “answer” event, but participants answer before the images disappear.
But the combination of the two seems tricky…

Seems to me like a coomon thing to do, but haven’t managed to create an experiment file that does that…
I am very grateful for any kind of help!

You’ll need three events–two to display the images, and one to handle what to do after three seconds.

Your first event displays the first image, but keeps it “invisible.” The event ends and moves on immediately.

The second event displays the second image, looks for an answer for three seconds, and then erases the screen at the end of the event.

The third event also looks for an answer, but puts nothing up on the screen.

The second event will need a feedback that ends the trial and moves on to the next if a response is given.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks hank

You constitute a very efficient helpline! It worked. Cheers