staircase procedure

I was looking at various features, and this staircase procedure seemed interesting and useful, I just haven’t figured out how to use the macros effectively. I was wondering if there were any demos or simple experiments that I could look at to understand how they work. Thank you for your time and support. :slight_smile:


Hi Alex,

Your question is a bit too general. If you get started with macros, I can then answer more specific queries.


I guess I was wondering how one goes about setting up a set of macros so that if a participant answers a question incorrectly the macro brings them back to the first event in the trial. The problem I encounter is not knowing which LHS condition to choose, because I want it not after a predetermined time, but after an incorrect response from the participant. I can conceptualize what I am trying to do, but getting the macros set up correctly eludes me. Thanks again for your help.


Macros are run at most between trials. Therefore, this isn’t possible with macros. You’ll need to use feedback to do this.

When you create a feedback, the default settings are to present the same trial again if the response is not correct, which is what you want.