Staggering Events Presented Simultaneously

Hello, I am trying to create what will ultimately be a trial that repeats 90 times in SuperLab6 in which a word and a face are presented together for the first 300 ms of a total of 2000 total ms, then the face disappears and only the word remains for the last 1700 ms. I’m also putting a centering “+” in-between the face/word events for 200 ms. So far, I’ve only figured out how to get the face and word events to present at the same time for the full 2000 ms, or how to get the face to appear for the last 300 ms of the 2000 ms trial, rather than the first 300 ms. How do I properly stagger the presentation of these events?


This would not be too difficult to implement but is faster discussed over zoom. Please send us an email to arrange a time.