I am tryng to record sound in an experiment. I have a program called sound studio that lets me record, edit and save sound in various formats but superlab doesn’t recognize it. Doe superlab recognize a particular kind of sound?

You’re trying to play back sound, right?

The supported formats depend on the platform. Audio events are preferred over Sound events. The recommended formats for the Audio event type are WAV and AIFF.


When I look at the drop down menu for event type, audio event isn’t a choice, just sound file. I was able to save sounds using WAV and AIFF formats. How do I select audio event?

The Audio event type was introduced in 4.0.2. There is information about this update here:

The Sound event type is only capable of playing WAV files on Windows, and it didn’t even always do that right (e.g. long WAV files); the Audio event type is a complete rewrite, and we hope this path will allow much more flexibility in the future. On Windows, the Audio event type adds support for AIFF files. While the Audio event on the Mac supports more than just WAV and AIFF, the more advanced features currently only work with these two formats.