Sound versus Audio on the PC

Hi, we have a study, with the SV-1, where we record the RT of a vocal response and then present a short (~36ms) WAV file (+save response).

When the event was “audio” it presented well in the event dialog box. Yet when the experiment ran, the first sound was accompanied with a windows error “beep” and the subsequent trials did not sound.

Our temporary “fix” was to set the event as a sound. It now works, but it makes me nervous because I don’t know why it works.

So, what are the key differences in coding the presentation for “sound” vs. “audio” events?


Long Story

About two weeks before SuperLab 4.0.0 was due to ship in July 2006, a beta tester in Germany reported that SuperLab 4 (for Windows) was unable to play sound files over 2.5 minutes. I was very surprised because the sound file event in SuperLab 4 was using the same code that SuperLab 2 had used and not one person in 10 years had reported a bug! After looking into it, it turns out that the bug had indeed been present for 10 years without anyone stumbling into it or reporting it.

The actual maximum duration varies depending on the sound file itself, but it was clear that SuperLab 2 and 4 had problems playing sound files that were longer than 2 to 3 minutes. We looked into fixing the code but it turns out that it wouldn’t be possible to do so while adding support for new sound file formats. So the Audio event type was born and, long term, is intended as a replacement for the Sound event type.

Back to your issue. Is SuperLab failing to play the sound file on the same computer that it is able to preview it in the Event Editor? Can you post or email me one of these sound files?