SOS!Presenting more than one sentence as a stimulus doesn't work!Why?

Hello everyone!
I want to have 3 sentences as a stimulus. I have them in stimulus lists and the start of the new stimulus is marked by a new paragraph in the stimulus list. When the participant has to respond with a single ckick, all three sentences appear but when a string responce (e.g.a word) is need, only the last sentence appears! Can anyone help me?

Can you please post your experiment?


here is the part of my experiment I have problems with. Interestingly, now all the 3 sentences appear on the screen (only sometimes though!). However, when a response is entered (it has to be a number from 0 to 10) and I press “enter” the program does not respond and I have to close.

Any help would be appreciated!Thank you so much!:slight_smile:

Dafina_exp.sl4 (37.7 KB)

stimulus list.txt (13 KB)

In your Stimulus list there are extra unneeded spaces and gaps within your sentences. SuperLab is interpreting this as a line break and causing the sentence to appear by itself.

Regarding the “Next” button not allowing you to continue, you have Do nothing selected under “If the Participant Presses the Return/Enter Key” in your Participant Input. Also, instead of selecting After a correct response from the participant, under the Input tab, I would change it to After any response from the participant.

It works now! Thank you! :slight_smile: